As we work on our mission to further advance safety measures to protect our pilots and patients, our latest partnership with Skyryse, a transportation technology company, will allow us to retrofit more than 400 of our single-engine helicopters and fixed-wing aircrafts with FlightOS.

Skyryse’s FlightOS state-of-the-art technology provides increased operational safety in clear or inclement weather using advanced sensors currently only used in commercial aviation and advanced military aircraft, meaning more missions are completed, and more lives are saved. The flight system is operational through every phase of flight and during any situational hazard, designed to never go offline, including during emergencies. We will use the Skyryse technology to elevate air crews’ ability to safely perform our core function of providing immediate, critical care where it is needed most.

As the leading air medical provider in the United States, we are always looking for ways to make rotor and fixed-wing flight safer. Skyryse’s cutting-edge technology will drive change in the safety of rotor and fixed-wing flight not only for us, but for our customers and the entire HEMS industry.

FlightOS was created to enhance safety, especially in critical life-saving missions, where technology unlocks dramatic potential for all people to receive the safest, most effective medical care available in the direst situations. This partnership highlights the value of the technology’s interoperability and safety across all types of aircraft.

The Skyryse Flight Operating System is a transformational technology for the industry, and we are honored to be partnering with Skyryse. The results of deploying this technology will first and foremost improve safety, lower cockpit workload, and allow our fleet to fully maximize the potential of patient care in a wide range of aircraft models and types.

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