Answering The
Call To Save Lives

Everyone at Air Methods is involved in helping us achieve our mission to give more tomorrows by providing access to lifesaving care at the moment it is needed most. Our talented workforce of over 4,500 employees includes the best in the air medical industry.

We believe our status as the industry leader and the importance we place on our mission statement and eight core values allow us to attract the highest level of talented professionals. 

Do You See Yourself In One Of These Roles?

Air Methods Flight Nurse or Paramedic

Today, hundreds of thousands of people nationwide are living healthy, active lives, and enjoying time with family and friends because of the high-quality assessment, triage, and treatment they received from Air Methods’ medical personnel. 

Pilot flying a helicopter.

Air Methods Pilot

Air medical pilots are some of the best aviators in the world. Whether you are in command of an air medical helicopter or airplane, the number one objective is to ensure safety always remains the highest priority throughout the transport process. Being an air medical pilot presents a rewarding, satisfying career that has a profound effect on patients and their families.

Mechanic working on helicopter.

Air Methods Mechanic

Detail-oriented. Self-starter. Team player. These are the qualities that make an Air Methods mechanic successful. Together with the pilot and medical crew, Air Methods field mechanics are the third equal part of the team that ensures the aircraft is mission ready. 

Helicopter gear zoom in.

United Rotorcraft

Integrity and dedication to continuous improvement are qualities that make a successful United Rotorcraft employee. United Rotorcraft is committed to providing 100% quality products and services to our customers, so they can successfully complete their missions.

Air Methods dispatch employee sitting at desk.


Make a difference. Be proactive. Think outside the box. Our AirCom employees are the calm voice in the dark, fielding calls, providing flight coordination, flight following, and logistic support to keep our flight crews and patients safe.

PBS (Patient Business Services)

Patient Advocacy is in our DNA. Our dedicated PBS teams do everything they can to relieve the stress on patients and their families as they guide them through the billing and appeals process from beginning to end.

Patient center rep ready to help.

DPL (Direct Patient Logistics)

Forward looking with a comprehensive approach. Our DPL employees are the center point of coordination between all parties involved in the transfer process, helping facilities provide the best and most appropriate transport method for their patients.

Man standing against computer servers smiling at camera.

Corporate Services

Our corporate services employees ensure that our flight crews are ready to answer the call when someone’s life is on the line. We dedicate ourselves to maintain equipment and supplies, coordinate logistics, and relentlessly provide the tools and expertise that allow us to successfully complete missions in the field.

Interested In Other Careers At Air Methods?

If you’re interested in a career at Air Methods but aren’t sure where to start, join our Talent Community Connect with our Talent Acquisition Team to learn more about Air Methods and other opportunities.

Our Core Attributes


    Taking ownership of actions and following through on commitments


    Building productive, working relationships with trust and respect

    Champion Safety

    Ensures the highest standard of safety and quality


    Motivating and leading the vision with clarity and excellence


    Continuously learning and improving oneself, while encouraging the growth of teammates

    Continuous Improvement

    Drive progress and efficiency; embracing change for the benefit of the mission

    Deliver Results

    Productivity-focused to consistently deliver on goals and objectives

    Benefits Include

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