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Non-CA Clinical

CA Clinical

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* Generally, an additional shift during a pay period will be considered at 10 hours of straight time, 9 hours of time-and-a-half time, and 5 hours of double time.
0.5 = Once every two pay periods (Monthly)
0.25 = Once every four pay periods (Bi-Monthly)

** 401k match does not account for any IRS catch-up contributions

*** This calculator should not be used for a Travel Clinician role. Please connect with an Air Methods recruiter for more information at .

**** Bi-weekly hours are based on an average hourly payment based on schedule variation. Your pay could vary depending on your work schedule. Please note a Payroll cycle runs from 12:01am on Sunday through Midnight on Saturday.

Effective Hourly Pay Rate

Rate on offer letter + Hourly location stipend

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Hourly base pay Rate (w/Geo Diff) rate on offer letter

Hourly location stipend pay rate

Please note that the stipend is an annual stipend divided by 26 pay periods. It is not based on hours worked and not included in standard overtime calculations

Bi-Weekly Hours

Straight time hours + Overtime Hours

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Straight time hours

Overtime hours

1.5x Overtime Hours (16 hours – 3pm-6:59pm + Additional shifts)

Double Time Hours (20 hours – 7pm to 11:59pm + Additional shifts)

Bi-Weekly Pay

(80 hrs + 16 hrs OT + extra shift OT)

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Weekly straight time base pay

Weekly straight time location pay

Weekly base pay overtime

Weekly location pay overtime

Weekly double time base pay

Weekly double time location pay

Additional Compensation

Annual Wellcredit + 401k

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Annual Wellcredit (HRA Annual physical or participate in a wellness program)

401k Retirement company annual match (Assumed 8% contribution by employee)**

Estimated Annual Earnings

Regular Bi-Weekly Pay

Equivalent Hourly Rate

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