Air Medical Truths

TO Combat Membership Myths

Contrary to what you may have heard or been led to believe,
we believe that air medical memberships are a thing of the past.
In fact, the membership model is outdated. Let us explain.

If you have health insurance, air medical companies can’t send you surprise balance bills.

  • As of January 1, 2022, the No Surprises Act protects you from a large balance bills and surprise costs related to emergency medical care if you have insurance. You’re only responsible for your deductible, co-pay or coinsurance, just as you would be with any other healthcare service.
  • If you bought or are considering buying an air medical membership because you are worried you could get a 50K+ bill, times have changed. If you have health insurance, you are protected.
  • It doesn’t matter who your insurance provider is or if you are in or out of network, you can’t get a surprise balance bill, no matter who transports you.

The company selling you a membership can’t even guarantee they will transport you.

  • Air medical companies do not self-dispatch. So, neither you nor the air medical company can control which air medical provider will be called to transport you.
  • When your life is at stake, the air medical provider that is closest and is available will be dispatched to help you, whether or not you have a membership.

Across the air medical industry, the average out-of-pocket costs (including deductible, co-pay and coinsurance) have come down considerably.

  • As air medical providers are going in network with health insurance companies, the average amount a patient could be responsible for has decreased dramatically.
  • The country’s two major air medical providers have both stated average out-of-pocket costs are below $300.

The likelihood of needing air medical transport is very low.

  • According to the Association of Air Medical Services, roughly 550,000 patients use air medical services every year, which is less than 0.17% of the U.S. 330,000,000 million population.

Medicare Part B & Medicaid – You’re Protected

  • Air medical transportation is a covered benefit for both Medicare (Part B) and Medicaid patients.
  • Medicaid patients have no deductible at all.
  • Most Medicare beneficiaries have a Medicare Supplement (or “Medigap”) policy. If you are a Medicare beneficiary, there are many Medicare-approved and regulated Medigap policies that will cover required deductibles, co-pays and coinsurance for many medical services, including air medical services. Find a Medigap policy that works for you.

Know what you’re signing up for – Read the terms and conditions

  • Read the fine print and understand your rights and any exclusions in full when you sign up for an air medical membership.
  • Review and understand all terms and conditions to protect yourself and your family.
  • You don’t purchase a membership for regular doctor visits or other healthcare services. Why would you do so for air medical care?

Now What?

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