Patient Advocacy

Since 2016, our Patient Advocacy program has successfully lowered average out-of-pocket costs across the country.

Helpdesk worker.

Our Patient Advocacy Team

Our dedicated Patient Advocacy team provides patients with support and resources during the post-flight billing process. Our goal is to relieve stress on patients and their families. Patient Advocates successfully help patients navigate the claims and appeals process. When patients work with our Patient Advocacy team, they rarely pay more than their co-pay and deductible.

Because we are not part of your insurance network, we work with you to get the insurance company to pay our charges, not you.

Let Us Be Your Advocate.

Help is only a phone call away. Our Patient Advocates and counselors are here to help provide our patients with support and resources, guiding them through the post-flight process.

Patient Advocacy Contact Information


M-F: 6am – 5pm (PST)