In one night, two decisions almost cost Peyton Grasso her life. She was only 16 when she went to her first party and drank alcohol for the first time. Like most teens, Peyton didn’t know her own tolerance and made another poor decision: she allowed another friend who was drinking to drive her car. In an instant, Peyton’s life was changed forever. 

Peyton lost her right foot on impact. Both femurs were broken in half. Her lungs collapsed twice. Her C2 vertebra was shattered. And she had a traumatic brain injury. It took the emergency crew an hour and a half to get Peyton out of the car and when they did, she flat-lined. The paramedic who revived her is now part of the Air Method’s family. 

Peyton was flown via a San Antonio AirLIFE helicopter to University Hospital where she underwent surgery. She survived despite the serious damage to her legs, back, and brain, but lost her right leg from the knee down and lives with the pain of nerve damage. But she is not one to wallow in her accident; instead, she has turned her ordeal into a story of gratitude and strength. And because of what she went through, Peyton has become a drunk driving prevention speaker and wants to be a doctor to help other amputees.