LifeSave 21 Crew Members Reunite With Survivor of Fiery Crash in Rural Kansas


On July 16, 8-year-old Alexander Wilson and his father Aaron Wilson made the trek across state lines from Oklahoma City, OK to Emporia, KS to visit with the LifeSave 21 crewmembers who transported him the day he and his siblings were pulled out of a fiery crash last month that claimed the life of his mother, Sacha McNack.

With hugs, smiles and teary eyes, the family personally thanked flight paramedic Justin Wilson, pilot Roy Pettit, and flight nurse Leann Briggs for their lifesaving efforts on that tragic day. Joining them was Sean James, the former Navy medic who was driving behind the vehicle when it crashed and was able to pull the three children out of the car before it was fully engulfed in flames. It took everyone that day, from James to the crewmembers to local law enforcement and EMS, to save Alexander’s life and now they all share an unbreakable bond.

“We’ve been very honored that the family has kept in touch with us. When we transport a patient, we don’t always know what their outcome is,” said Briggs. “With Alexander, their family has stayed in touch with us despite the distance and we’re so grateful for that.”

It was actually during one of the crew’s check-ins with Alexander, via FaceTime, that he expressed how much he wished he could’ve enjoyed the helicopter ride and seen the sky from up high rather than being transported during such an emergent situation. Immediately, the crew coordinated a helicopter ride for Alexander to indulge in.

“This family suffered a tremendous loss and nothing we do can bring back their mom or erase the trauma they suffered,” said Briggs. “But if there’s anything we can do to bring a smile to this child’s face, we’re all on board, and I think we did that today – brought a little sunshine to his day.”

Alexander got to inspect the inside of the aircraft, learn about air medical helicopters, and enjoyed a front-seat ride inside the LifeSave 21 aircraft and take in the sights as they flew over Kansas. While this was certainly not Alexander’s first helicopter ride, it is one he’ll cherish forever.