Safety Technologies and Monitoring

 Our company is committed to advancing safety programs and utilizing technology. This is why we have invested more than $120 million in recent years to improve air medical transportation.

safety technologies

  • Every one of our aircraft is fully equipped with advanced technology, including Night Vision Imaging System (NVIS), Helicopter Terrain Awareness and Warning Systems (HTAWS), Automatic Dependent Surveillance – Broadcast (ADS-B), and XM-GPS satellite tracking. 
  • While improving our safety strategy, we were the first air medical provider to implement crash-resistant fuel systems certified by the FAA on AS350 and EC130 aircraft. 
  • We are currently installing Honeywell Tracker III, a real-time safety tracking system, on all aircraft to increase the safety of our crew and patients that reaches above-standard FAA requirements.


Operational Control Center (OCC)

  • The largest OCC for air medical emergency transport service.
  • Monitors all take-offs and landings for aircraft in the field. This number can be up to about 150 flights at a time.
  • Does not take a break — operating 24/7, 365 days a year. They help monitor predictive hazards such as conditions surrounding an accident site, weather patterns, migratory bird flights, and take-off and landing sites for rescue teams.
  • Recruits nearly all team members who are pilot trained.
  • Utilizing Flight Operations Quality Assurance (FOQA), the Operational Control Center is able to monitor flight data telemetrics and flight data trends for airspeed, altitude, angle of bank, angle of pitch, rate of descent, and rate of climb. If there is any kind of alarm, the OCC will see it at the same time as the pilot.  

AirCom Dispatch

  • AirCom is the hub for transport coordination and the largest communication center of its size and scope in the United States. The hub fields calls, provides flight coordination, follows a flight, and provides logistical support. 
  • Annually they intake 1.86 million calls.
  • The AirCom app, is a solution for our customers that saves time, improves accuracy, and simplifies the process of air medical flights. This means app users have better outcomes for patients, hospitals, and crew members.