(ENGLEWOOD, Colorado, July 14, 2017) – United Rotorcraft, a division of Air Methods, today announced it signed a contract to provide Sikorsky, a Lockheed Martin (NYSE: LMT) company, 75 shipsets of the United Rotorcraft Black Hawk Medical Interior system over the next five years.  This multi-year contract is the fifth of its kind with Sikorsky since 1997, and includes the installation of the United Rotorcraft Black Hawk Medical Interior system in the HH-60M aircraft at Sikorsky’s facility in Stratford, Connecticut. 

United Rotorcraft has delivered 280 medical interiors on the previous four contracts which have been installed in the HH-60A and HH-60L (originally designated the UH-60Q) and most recently the HH-60M. 

“We are excited and honored to continue our partnership with Sikorsky to provide the best equipment for our men and women in the armed forces” said Mike Slattery, President of United Rotorcraft.

The United Rotorcraft Black Hawk Medical Interior system is capable of being re-configured in less than two minutes – without tools – to support multiple mission requirements. At any time, crew members can provide medical care for up to six patients, transport cargo, support search and rescue operations, perform disaster relief, and/or transport personnel.

This latest contract continues the modernization of the Army MEDEVAC Black Hawk which began in 1992. Today, the Army, Army Reserve, and Army National Guard currently operate more than 600 MEDEVAC Black Hawk helicopters, and nearly 50 percent of the fleet features the United Rotorcraft HH-60M Medical Interior.