Texas Senator Donna Campbell’s Chief of Staff Visits Air Medical Base in New Braunfels 


Crews from AirLift Texas and AirLIFE in Uvalde provide insight into air medical ecosystem  

NEW BRAUNFELS, TX, June 18, 2024 – Air Methods, a leader in air medical services, proudly hosted Shane Birdwell, chief of staff for Texas Senator Donna Campbell, at their fixed wing base in New Braunfels last Thursday. During his visit, Birdwell had the opportunity to meet with the dedicated crews from both AirLift Texas in New Braunfels and AirLIFE in Uvalde, gaining firsthand insight into the critical life-saving operations conducted by these air medical teams. 

“As a physician, I truly appreciate the commitment and dedication of the brave men and women at Air Methods,” said Senator Donna Campbell. “Along with other first responders, they are crucial in ensuring the safety of communities in central Texas. I am grateful for the Air Methods team and their willingness to educate a member of my staff on everything they are leading on and the extent of their impact to Senate District 25.” 

The visit began with an extensive tour of the New Braunfels fixed wing base, which opened at the end of 2023 to serve patients needing to travel further distances for definitive care and in a wider range of weather conditions. During the tour, Birdwell got an up-close look at not only AirLift Texas’ fixed wing aircraft but also AirLIFE in Uvalde’s helicopter, as well as the emergency medical equipment that makes rapid response and patient transport possible. The highlight of the day was a ride-along in the AirLIFE helicopter, giving Birdwell a unique perspective on the daily operations and the challenges faced by the crew in the air. 

“We were honored to have Mr. Birdwell spend the morning with both of our programs,” said Air Methods Account Executive Lia Castagna-Munoz. “With this being such a large state, having both types of aircraft strategically located in Central Texas has been key in ensuring we are able to support not only the local communities, but also patients throughout the state.” 

Birdwell’s visit underscores the importance of Air Methods’ integrated ecosystem in Texas, which strategically utilizes both fixed wing aircraft and helicopters to cover a broad geographic area. This combination allows for swift and efficient transport of patients, ensuring that life-saving care is delivered promptly regardless of the location. 

“Mr. Birdwell’s visit highlights the vital role that air medical services play in our community,” said Air Methods Area Manager of Texas Operations Joel Ramirez. “We are grateful for the time he took to experience our operations firsthand, and for Senator Campbell’s continued support and interest in our mission to save lives.” 

The crews at both AirLift Texas and AirLIFE in Uvalde are highly trained professionals who administer the highest level of care during medical emergencies. Their presence in the region is crucial for rural and urban areas alike, offering rapid medical intervention that can make the difference between life and death. 

Air Methods is committed to providing air medical services to all members of the communities they serve and are in-network with most major health insurance providers for emergency air medical services. Additionally, their patient advocacy program works with all patients, regardless of insurance, to ensure affordability.  

For photos of Shane Birdwell’s visit, click here.