LifeNet of New York, Volunteer Fire Company of Western Host Groundbreaking Event


Event marks permanent location for LifeNet 7-14 serving Mohawk Valley

WESTERNVILLE, NY – Oct. 12, 2023 – LifeNet of New York 7-14 Mohawk Valley partnered with Volunteer Fire Company of Western to host a groundbreaking event to mark LifeNet 7-14’s permanent base location in Westernville, NY.

Opening earlier this year, LifeNet 7-14 is serving the Mohawk Valley region from its sister location in Watertown, NY. With the relocation to Westernville, the LifeNet 7-14 team is the twelfth base to join the LifeNet of New York program which has been serving upstate New York for more than 25 years and has transported over 50,000 patients. 

“This is a significant development that will enhance the services provided by our fire department,” said Town of Western Supervisor Diane Butler at the event.

The LifeNet of New York team worked closely and diligently with the Town of Western to bring the groundbreaking to fruition, receiving zoning approval and all permits to begin construction. The new location will be adjacent to the Volunteer Fire Company of Western and will entail a helicopter pad (designated landing/takeoff area), a hangar, and living quarters for the flight crew will be built. The anticipated completion of construction is December 2023, with the LifeNet 7-14 team moving to this location shortly thereafter.

“Building partnerships is crucial to ensure we are meeting the needs of the community and the region,” said Western Fire Chief Michael Anania. “We are thrilled to have LifeNet 7-14 on the premises with us.”

The alliance with the fire department and other EMS providers creates improved and comprehensive care between partners.

“Whenever we are able to collaborate and complete training with our local fire and emergency responders and be part of the community, we’re creating more efficient and effective response times—arriving faster on the scene and following accurate and safe procedures—leading to seamless patient care,” said LifeNet of New York Area Manager Bill Stubba. “We couldn’t be prouder of the partnership we are building with our fire and EMS teams.”

LifeNet 7-14 is a community-based service—operating 24/7/365 service coverage for the region—and is equipped with the most reliable and safe aircraft in the industry, transporting patients to their destinations quickly. The team achieved the Commission on Accreditation of Medical Transport Systems (CAMTS) and carries the critical tools, medications, and supplies needed to provide lifesaving interventions at the scene and ICU-level care while in flight. On every flight, the team carries blood and blood products (i.e. blood plasma), positively increasing patient outcomes through pre-hospital care.

“There are instances when immediate medical help is needed in areas that are challenging to access due to various reasons such as remote locations, heavy traffic, or a difficult terrain,” said Butler. “By bringing a medical helicopter service to our Town, we can address these challenges effectively and improve the response time during critical situations.  A helicopter will allow us to reach even the most remote areas within our town in a matter of minutes. This means that medical personnel can quickly provide life-saving aid to those in need, regardless of their location. A helicopter medical service will make a significant difference in saving lives and ensuring timely medical care.”


Western Fire Chief Michael Anania provides remarks at the groundbreaking event.