LifeNet of New York Holds Open House, Announces New Capability to Improve Patient Outcomes


Critical care team can now transfuse donated whole blood during emergency response

WESTERNVILLE, NY, May 21, 2024 – LifeNet of New York 7-14, in partnership with Volunteer Fire Company of Western, kicked off National Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Week by hosting a ribbon cutting and open house event commemorating LifeNet’s one year of providing lifesaving service to the Mohawk Valley Region and officially celebrating their relocation from Watertown to Westernville. Their new helicopter pad, hangar, and living quarters are now adjacent to the Volunteer Fire Company of Western.

“While they officially moved to town a few months ago, their service to the community has been invaluable since opening more than a year ago,” said Town of Western Fire Department Chief Michael Anania at the ribbon-cutting ceremony.

During the event, the LifeNet 7-14 team showcased their advanced critical care capabilities to the community, including services like advanced airway management, cardiac and blood flow monitoring, and most notably, the ability to administer whole blood in flight.

“The integration of whole blood is a significant advancement in pre-hospital care,” said LifeNet of New York Clinical Director Misty Patty. “It offers a more comprehensive and effective solution for trauma patients experiencing severe hemorrhage compared to component therapy. It delivers a balanced ration of packed red blood cells (PRBC), plasma, and platelets which are crucial for oxygen transport, clotting, and overall hemodynamic stability.”

LifeNet 7-14 previously carried PRBC and plasma. Now, they carry whole blood, which can be administered in flight, offering superior outcomes for patients. It is particularly valuable in rural areas where there may be limited access to donated blood.

“It’s the gold standard for trauma resuscitation,” said Clinical Base Lead and Paramedic David Sandbrook. “When used, it has proven that moderately to severely injured patients, including those with head injuries, particularly benefit from whole blood transfusions.”

The event drew more than 175 people and dignitaries including New York Congressman Brandon Williams, State Senator Joseph Griffo, and Oneida County Board Legislator Stephan DiMaggio. The attendance demonstrated the support and partnership the LifeNet team has fostered to date. Not only has the LifeNet 7-14 team provided life-saving services over the past year, but they have also supported the community in a variety of events and activities, including training with local EMS partners and assisting requestors whenever called upon.

“Partnerships with our local EMS responders are key in any emergency response,” said LifeNet of New York Account Executive Colleen Gleeson. “We are thrilled to be able to provide the community a firsthand look at our flying ICU and have them meet our dedicated teammates. We look forward to continuing to build partnerships in the community and serving the region for years to come.”