LifeNet Air Ambulance Now Carries Lifesaving Blood Products on All Flights


Time-Critical Intervention to Improve Patient Outcomes Throughout Cochise County

Willcox, AZ – May 5, 2023 – LifeNet 8, a subsidiary of Air Methods, received approval to carry blood products onboard every air medical transport of patients. Joining its sister location, LifeNet 10 in Safford, AZ, the LifeNet locations stand ready to improve patient outcomes with this invaluable resource on board.

“Having both blood and plasma on our aircraft allows our industry-leading trauma clinicians to provide additional life-saving care when every minute counts,” said LifeNet 8 Flight Nurse Erika Cline.

Carrying blood products – packed red blood cells (PRBC) and plasma – enables transfusions to be administered at the scene or in flight, making a significant difference in patient outcomes. For example, administering both PRBC plus plasma resulted in a significant reduction of mortality compared to standard-care (crystalloid) resuscitation according to a secondary analysis of the multicenter PreHospital Air Medical Plasma Trial (PAMPer, 2021).

The LifeNet team worked in partnership with the American Red Cross to achieve the ability to carry blood products on all air medical missions. On-site and in-flight storage, along with other factors, are key to receiving approval for a prehospital blood-in-flight program.

“Receiving approval includes having calibrated storage equipment with multiple temperature monitoring devices to assure quality control. Our special equipment must be capable of sustaining the correct temperatures for the duration of the mission in all climates. There must be the capability for the blood to be monitored at all times and the team quickly alerted if any issues arise with the temperature,” said Vice President of Clinical Services Kelly Miller. “Additionally, there needs to be a mobile in-line warming device to not induce hypothermia in a hemorrhaging patient. This is not without proving our ongoing quality through a strong quality assurance program to ensure compliance with state policies and national standards. Having a team that believes in the importance of compliance with program policies is key to a successful air medical blood program.”

Since opening Fall 2022, LifeNet 8 has been working with partners as quickly and diligently as possible to receive the go-ahead to carry blood.

“Getting approval for the capability to carry blood on transports was a lengthy and involved process, but we are grateful we met all the checkmarks giving us the capability to have another tool on board to positively impact our patients,” said LifeNet 8 Flight Paramedic Lisa Daftarian. “Blood is a time-critical intervention people need that not every helicopter emergency medical service provider has. Through LifeNet, patients can receive time-critical intervention sooner as opposed to waiting until arrival at a hospital. This can greatly improve their chances of recovery.”


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