CareFlight 5 Paramedic Celebrates Notable Milestones


Cory Myers achieves both 15 years of emergency air medical service and 1,400 flights

SANTA FE, NM, FEB. 5, 2024 – While the new year is a time for looking forward, the emergency air medical team at CareFlight 5 in Santa Fe is reflecting on the accomplishments of one of their own. Flight Paramedic Cory Myers recently celebrated two important milestones—15 years in the profession and 1,400 air medical transport flights. 

“I look back at that number—1,400—and some of those flights from years ago feel like they just happened,” said Myers. “The difficult patients and the very young are the ones I seem to remember the most because of the impact we have in correcting something that could otherwise lead to a lifelong disability.” 

Myers started in 2009 with Omniflight Helicopters, which was later acquired by Air Methods, the leading air medical provider in the United States. Every Air Methods flight is staffed with industry-leading flight nurses and paramedics, pilots with years of experience in the field, and is maintained by skilled aviation mechanics who ensure the aircraft is always safe and mission ready.  

“The completion of 1,400 flights stands out as a remarkable achievement, leaving a lasting impact on the communities directly influenced by Cory’s steadfast dedication,” said Angie Jones, account executive with Air Methods, the parent company of CareFlight 5. “Cory is more than a teammate; he is an honored member and is always ready to respond to the call, whether it involves imparting knowledge, contributing to the base, or dedicating time to engage in regional conferences.” 

Air Methods Area Manager J. P. Martinez agrees that what Myers offers the community goes beyond the expectations of his job. Prior to becoming a flight paramedic, Myers worked with a ground ambulance crew and earned the respect of EMS leaders across the state. 

“Cory’s valuable experience in all parts of New Mexico give him the vital knowledge of how EMS and the flight industry have changed and impacted our communities, making him a valuable resource to our customers and partners as the base outreach coordinator,” said Martinez.  

When asked what he loves about his job, Myers said being in the sky and working with great people top the list. 

“The best part of flying is the flying. We have the best office view, hands down,” said Myers. “Another great part of the job is working with so many nurses and pilots, and they’re all unique.”