(GREENWOOD VILLAGE, Colorado, September 5, 2019) – Fifty Air Methods crew members will join dozens of other first responders on the State Farm Stadium field on September 8 to bear a football-field-length American flag during the National Anthem before the National Football League’s (NFL’s) Arizona Cardinals home-opening game against the Detroit Lions.

The Air Methods crew members receiving the honor are based throughout Arizona and will represent the LifeNet, Native Air, and TiState CareFlight programs. The flag is 300-feet long and 150-feet wide and weighs approximately 1,100 pounds, requiring more than 150 volunteers to unfurl and hold it during the anthem. Flag-bearing duties are a special recognition from the Arizona Cardinals and the NFL for the service and bravery demonstrated by first responders in the state and around the country. 

“Our crews are so excited and honored to be on the field before the Cardinals home opener and take part in this patriotic and meaningful ceremony,” said Nicola Crim, Air Methods account executive. “Air Methods’ crew members and other first responders play a special role in their communities, so we are very grateful to the Cardinals and the NFL for asking all of us to participate in this memorable event.”

Air Methods crew members, along with all air medical services, provide essential and often emergent care throughout the country. During missions, highly trained medical teams care for patients with lifesaving interventions, from providing trauma care after an accident to administering clot-busting medications that must be given shortly after a major stroke to significantly improve outcomes. 

The need for air medical is more critical than ever. Today, more than 85 million American live more than an hour drive from Level I or II trauma centers, which creates an increasing demand for air medical services to ensure that patients have access to necessary care centers. With the continued consolidation of hospitals and the trend towards centers with specialized heart or neurological care, the clinical support and speed of Air Methods’ missions are vital to giving patients the best possible outcomes, no matter where they live or travel.

“The pride our crews will feel carrying the flag before the game is the same as the pride they feel serving and caring for the patients and residents on missions and year-round,” Crim said. “We are so happy to be able to share this moment with our Arizona first-responder colleagues and tens of thousands of football fans.”


About Air Methods
Air Methods is the leading air medical service, delivering lifesaving care to more than 70,000 people every year. With nearly 40 years of air medical experience, Air Methods is the preferred partner for hospitals and one of the largest community-based providers of air medical services. United Rotorcraft is the Company’s products division specializing in the design and manufacture of aeromedical and aerospace technology. Air Methods’ fleet of owned, leased or maintained aircraft features more than 450 helicopters and fixed wing aircraft. 

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