Patient Reunites with Air Methods of Kentucky Medical Flight Team


Air medical team assisted in lifesaving care, provided blood products on scene

SCOTTSBURG, IN, Dec. 12, 2023 – To show appreciation for their lifesaving care, former patient 17-year-old Baylee Amos and her family reunited with the Air Methods of Kentucky air medical team Monday afternoon at Scott Memorial Hospital.

“While I can’t remember much about my accident, I do know how much I appreciate the team for helping to save my life,” said Amos. “We reunited with law enforcement and other emergency personnel already and wanted to show my appreciation for this team, too.”

Amos is a busy teenager, who loves to be with her friends, attend church, and carry out her work duties both at home and in her job. On Oct. 8, she was driving home late after a full day of activities. Not realizing how tired she was, Baylee fell asleep at the wheel, causing her to involuntarily increase her vehicle speed crashing into a ditch, head-on into a tree at about 70-80 MPH.

“We are unsure of why she left the roadway or what speed she was going,” said Mindy Sparrow, Baylee’s mother. “Given the nature of the accident, law enforcement is assuming she fell asleep and estimated the speed due to the extent of the damages. Baylee doesn’t remember the wreck and only remembers bits and pieces leading up to it.”

A bystander at a local campground near Amos’ accident called 911. Due to the severity of the crash, she was stuck in the vehicle for more than an hour and a half before EMS teams were able to free her legs. EMS teams activated Air Methods of Kentucky recognizing Amos’ need for emergent care.

“Early activation is key. We were activated early by local EMS partners, and because we carry blood products on every call, we were able to provide the lifesaving resource to Baylee while EMS teams worked to free her from the vehicle,” said Air Methods of Kentucky Flight Paramedic Greg Denz. “We’re thankful to our EMS partners for helping us play a role in Baylee’s care.”

Air Methods of Kentucky carries liquid plasma and packed red blood cells on every flight, allowing the flight team to begin a transfusion at the scene of an accident which can be continued through arrival at local trauma centers. Based in Bedford, KY, the program serves the surrounding region including parts of Indiana and Ohio.

“We are thankful that we can provide the services that we do to have outcomes like Baylee’s. I’m even more grateful to be reunited with Baylee and her family,” said Sam Newkirk, Air Methods of Kentucky flight nurse who assisted in transporting Amos to Norton Children’s Hospital.

The flight team — a small but mighty crew consisting of a pilot, nurse, and paramedic — receives annual state-of-the-art specialty training. Pilots are trained using Level D Full Flight Simulators, the highest fidelity flight simulator approved by the Federal Aviation Administration. Clinicians receive hands-on training through Air Methods Ascend, an in-person and online training program that allows clinicians to perform at the top of their licensure. Ascend is also available to medical personnel across the country.

‘We are grateful for their efforts that day,” said Sparrow. “I’m not so sure things would have turned out the way they did had they not been available to be at the scene, provide the blood transfusion, and transport her to the hospital. We’ve talked to the officer who responded that day. He said her accident is in the top five worst wrecks he has seen in the county.” 

Suffering a crushed Femur, a broken wrist, and a concussion, Amos is expected to make a full recovery. On Friday, Amos was cleared to begin walking without crutches, just in time to reunite with the flight crew. Her incredible recovery is credited to the immense coordinated effort of the prehospital and hospital teams and the availability of blood products at her moment of need. Air Methods of Kentucky’s lifesaving care helped lead to the survival and full recovery of Amos, leaving a lasting impression on her and her entire family.

“Since the accident, Baylee celebrated her 17th birthday,” said Sparrow. “We also celebrated Thanksgiving with gratitude in our heart that she is alive and well.”