Patient Stories

Their futures depended on us.

Mothers. Fathers. Sons. Daughters. Friends. Family. In one instant, a loved one may run into the uncertainty that is life. In that moment, every second of every minute counts. And nobody knows that more than the patients we have had the privilege of providing care to.

Although her pregnancy was normal, Finn’s mother, Erin Hickey, started feeling uneasy about the delivery and wanted to have a C-Section. She talked to five OBs. One actually called her crazy. But those instincts saved Finn’s life…
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In one night, two decisions almost cost Peyton Grasso her life. She was only 16 when she went to her first party and drank alcohol for the first time. Like most teens, Peyton didn’t know her own tolerance…
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It was just another ordinary day when 12-year old PJ Woolley was on his way to school; except this day was anything but ordinary. Within an hour, PJ was vomiting and dizzy. He had a fever and was displaying signs of a severe medical situation…
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Being a part of an air medical crew is more than just transporting people by helicopter. It’s being part of a person’s life at their most vulnerable moment. And when that person is a child, it leaves a lasting imprint on your heart. The call to five-year-old Safyre...
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