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Air Methods/Industry Structure

Why does emergency air medicine matter?
What is an air ambulance?
Who is Air Methods?
What does Air Methods do for me?
How do I contact Air Methods?
Why am I receiving a bill from [Air Methods, Rocky Mountain Holdings, etc.] if I was transported by an air ambulance with a different name?
Why am I getting separate bills from Air Methods and the hospital?

Partnership with Payers

How does insurance coverage and emergency air medical care work?
When will I receive a bill?
Why isn’t my insurance company covering the cost of this bill?
What if I don’t have insurance?

overall cost

What goes into emergency air medical costs?
I didn’t ask to be brought to the hospital in a helicopter, so why should I have to pay this bill?
Why is my bill so high?

billing process

How does the billing process work?
What is an Assignment of Benefits or AOB?
What if I don’t have insurance or can’t afford this bill?

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