Facts About Memberships

Learn the Truth About Membership Deceptions

  • In December 2020, Congress passed a law to protect you from large air medical bills, making memberships useless. If someone tries to sell them to you, say “NO.”  If you have a membership, CANCEL IT NOW
  • Do the funds collected from your community for memberships stay to serve your community?  The truth is, money collected from your membership goes to a corporate fund used for lobbying to retain memberships. Memberships are just a money-making scheme.
  • Do memberships really cover deductibles? The truth is, hospitals will normally process your insurance claim before the air medical transport provider, therefore your deductible is met prior to your membership ever needing to cover those costs. If you are a Medicare beneficiary, there is an approved and regulated MediGap to cover any deductibles/copays. Memberships are rarely needed to cover those charges, resulting in no true benefit to you, the patient.
  • The chances that you might ever need emergency air medical is 0.1%.
Air Methods believes in Patient Advocacy and going in-network with insurance companies to cover costs to reduce out-of-pocket expenses to an average of $200, which includes copays and deductibles. In most cases, Air Methods is in-network, where your costs are already covered. Medicare (Part B) and Medicaid beneficiaries do not need them, since air medical is a covered benefit. No additional membership or insurance should be needed to cover emergency medical transport costs. 

Don’t fall victim to membership deception and money-making fraudsters – say “NO” to air medical memberships. Protect yourself and your financial well-being.


In-Network Coverage


Offered Nationally: Humana, Travel Ins., Plotkin Health, Tree Rivers Provider Network, United Mine Workers of America.


Medicaid & Medicare Offered Nationally

Coverage Area

We’ve seen lower costs and better outcomes through our Patient Advocacy program and by working to increase insurance coverage for our services.

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