Emergency Care Should Not Require A Membership

There are a lot of misrepresentations about the cost of air medical transport. Air Methods is working to create a better way.

In-Network Coverage


Offered Nationally: Humana, Travel Ins., Plotkin Health, Tree Rivers Provider Network, United Mine Workers of America.


Humana Offered Nationally


Humana Offered Nationally


Coverage Area

Memberships Have Created
Confusion Among Patients
and caregivers.

If I don't have a membership, the air medical provider won't transport me if there's an emergency.



No memberships are needed for transportation. Air Methods will transport any patient needing our services – regardless of any membership or ability to pay.

If I don't have a membership, I – or my family – will get stuck with a major bill from the air medical transport.



Maybe for other providers. Air Methods' Patient Advocacy team works with all patients, regardless of their insurance, to find a solution that works best for them.

A membership is insurance and will make sure I don't have to handle insurance claims.



Memberships are not insurance. They are not regulated and don't eliminate the need for you to file and work through the insurance process.

With a membership, you can choose to fly with that particular air medical provider.



Not really. Air medical services are for emergencies. Because of this, the closest, most appropriate provider should be called. Chances are likely this won't be with your membership provider.

Regardless of insurance, I still need a membership for air transport.



Memberships are sold to everyone. To start, no one needs a membership. But some, such as those on Medicaid are covered completely. Most Medicare patients are the same.

We’ve seen lower costs and better outcomes through our Patient Advocacy program and by working to increase insurance coverage for our services.

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    Community Partnership Program

    Through community partnerships, we work to establish a charitable fund for patients to assist with out-of-pocket medical expenses. We encourage local governments to contact us to discuss the details of such arrangements.