• George LaRue: A Defenders of Tomorrow story

    On a Tuesday afternoon, George LaRue of Utopia, Texas, suffered a heart attack. Fortunately for George, Utopia’s volunteer Emergency Medical Services (EMS) received the call and rushed to the scene, where they were able to help George regain consciousness until San Antonio AirLIFE—an Air Methods program—arrived to help stabilize George and transport him to University Hospital – San Antonio.

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  • Kate Hopkins: A Defenders of Tomorrow story

    In March 2014, Kate Hopkins was visiting her family in California during Spring break from the University of Tennessee. She arose early on a Sunday to meet a friend in Yosemite National Park to go skateboarding. Texting her mom, Jackie Hopkins, that she would see her for dinner, Kate never made it back home; she had fallen from her skateboard, striking her head.

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  • Stroke Awareness Month

    May is known as Stroke Awareness Month and highlights what a stroke is and how to identify someone who has had a stroke. It's also important to illustrate the critical role air transport has ... when you consider that for every minute a stroke is left untreated, an estimated 1.9 million neurons are destroyed.

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