• Florida resident advocates for air ambulance care and insurance reimbursement

    When Karen Espinosa suffered a stroke last year at her home in Lake City, Florida, she met the Florida criteria for a Stroke Alert. Karen and her husband, Alan, were grateful for the air ambulance service that helped make her recovery possible, but they were shocked when they found out their insurance company covered the entire hospital bill, but would only cover a quarter of their air medical bill. Alan believes that, like his insurance company, very few consumers know the protection is there. So he is working to get the word out to other patients who meet one of the health alert conditions.

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  • Karen Espinosa: A Defenders of Tomorrow story

    Five or 10 years ago, Karen would have ended up in a nursing home after such a severe stroke, but newer treatments and the quick response made possible a full recovery, for Karen Espinosa, Air Methods patient. As someone who works with stroke victims, she has seen how it can leave people severely disabled. “I’m so lucky to be talking,” she said. Karen returned to work within 10 days.

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  • Sam Soulek: A Defenders of Tomorrow Story

    One year after his traumatic brain injury, the parents of Sam Soulek are still marveling at how well things have turned out for their 7-year-old son. Last July the Souleks, residents of Spearfish, South Dakota, had purchased a new horse. Sam disobeyed his parents’ instructions to not ride the horse, was promptly bucked off and fell backwards on his head. Unconscious, not breathing on his own, Sam had had a seizure. While the local hospital stabilized Sam, doctors at the scene quickly realized the boy needed additional treatment elsewhere, and fast.

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  • United Rotorcraft receives contract for Ventura County FIREHAWKS®

    United Rotorcraft is pleased to announce the receipt of a contract with Ventura County Fire Department (VCFD) to convert two surplus U.S. Army aircraft into FIREHAWK® helicopters.

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  • University-style research means life-saving improvements for Air Methods emergency procedures

    Much like a university or research hospital, Air Methods has established an Institutional Review Board (IRB) that approves research to make sure it applies ethical methodology. Air Methods is the first healthcare ambulance company to create its own IRB. With a database of 8,500 procedures, Air Methods derives statistical research from its operations nationwide to scientifically establish best practices.

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