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Learn the Truth About Membership Deception

Don’t fall victim to membership deception and money-making fraudsters – say “NO” to air medical memberships. Protect yourself and your financial well-being.
Air Methods believes in Patient Advocacy and going in-network with insurance companies. This approach has enabled us to reduce our patients’ out-of-pocket expenses to an average of $200*, which includes copays and deductibles. 
  • In December 2020, Congress passed a law to protect you from large air medical bills, making memberships useless. If someone tries to sell them to you, say “NO.”  If you have a membership, CANCEL IT NOW

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  • Are the funds collected from your community for memberships used to serve your community? The truth is, membership fees go into a corporate fund used for lobbying to retain memberships. Memberships are just a money-making scheme.
  • Do memberships really cover deductibles? The truth is, hospitals typically submit their bills to insurance first, before the air medical transport provider does. Therefore, your deductible is already met prior to your air ambulance bill being processed by your insurance carrier, resulting in no deductible payable for your air ambulance transport.  Memberships are rarely needed to cover your deductible.
  • Do Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries need memberships?  The truth is, air medical transportation is a covered benefit for both Medicare (Part B) and Medicaid patients. Medicaid patients have no deductible at all. And, if you are a Medicare beneficiary, there are many Medicare-approved and regulated Medigap policies that will cover any small deductible or copay required. Memberships therefore provide little, if any, actual benefit to you, the patient.
  • The chance that you might ever need emergency air medical transport is miniscule – less than 0.1%.
  • You should be aware that when you purchase an air medical membership, the fine print often allows the membership provider to auto-renew your membership in perpetuity without your consent and with no chance of refunds. It is critical that you read your terms and conditions and protect yourself and your family.
  • Memberships don’t actually provide you with the financial protection that they claim. The fine print contained in the terms and conditions makes clear that the membership provider can recoup its full billed charges from any auto, homeowners, or liability insurance settlement that you receive. Therefore, when you purchase an air medical membership, it does not relieve you from ultimately paying the air medical provider’s bill.
  • State legislatures and Departments of Insurance are beginning to look at how to protect citizens from deceptive membership programs. West Virginia recently passed a law WV Bill is HB 2776 that will fully regulate membership as an insurance product, providing critical protections for consumers. And through the National Council of Insurance Legislators (NCOIL), additional states are investigating how to best regulate memberships to ensure that their citizens are protected. 
  • Memberships don’t actually provide you with the financial protection that they claim. Membership providers rely on “woefully ambiguous” and “conflicting and confusing” fine print to retain their rights to collect full billed charges for air medical transports provided to members. Across the country, patients with memberships have had to sue membership providers just to stop them from balance billing or placing liens on their other settlement proceeds even after they buy a membership.    
    • Illinois: Concovich v. Evac EMS, Inc.
      Joan Concovich signed up for Air Evac’s membership plan and then required helicopter transport from an Illinois hospital to a Missouri hospital. Concovich’s insurance paid all but $150 of the $37,711, despite the AirMedCare membership promise to waive all costs not covered by insurance, Air Evac sought to collect the remaining $150 balance from Concovich.
    • Missouri: Pratt v. Air Evac Life Team, Inc.
      Doris Pratt signed up for an AirMedCare membership plan and then required helicopter transport after a car accident in which she was severely injured and her mother was killed.  Pratt’s health insurer paid $8,294 of Air Evac’s $18,249 bill.  Despite her AirMedCare membership promise to waive all costs not covered by insurance, Air Evac placed a lien on proceeds from Ms. Pratt’s deceased mother’s car insurance policy for the remaining balance of the bill. 
    • West Virginia: Hundley v. Evac EMS a/b/a AirMedCare Network
      Connie Hundley signed up for an AirMedCare membership plan and then required helicopter transport after being hit by an underinsured motorist while riding her motorcycle.  Hundley’s insurance plan contained uninsured motorist coverage which provided her with a $50,000 general payment to cover her accident costs.  Hundley’s auto insurance plan also provided $10,000 specifically for the air ambulance transport.  Despite her AirMedCare membership, Air Evac demanded not just the $10,000 allocated for air medical transport, but its full billed charges of $33,893.  

* Actual out-of-pockets amounts vary depending on your health insurance plan, the plan’s copay, coinsurance and deductible requirements, and whether those have been met for the plan year.      


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We’ve seen lower costs and better outcomes through our Patient Advocacy program and by working to increase insurance coverage for our services.

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