Everyone deserves access to lifesaving care.

As an industry, we provide access to more than 82 million people – one in four Americans – who otherwise would not have been able to reach a trauma center within an hour if not flown by helicopter.  When transported, these patients are in such critical condition, we have to continue the care in the air.  We are, in essence, a flying emergency room, and when every minute counts, emergency air medical transport and treatment are often not just the best choice for saving a life, it’s the only choice. 

We only respond when a physician or a first responder calls us.

Air Methods delivers lifesaving care to more than 100,000 patients per year and when we are asked to deploy, we answer the call and do everything in our power to save a life. Regardless of a patient’s ability to pay, we deliver the same quality care. 

We are committed to improving patient care.

Our Direct Patient Logistics (DPL) is a value-added service that helps us continue our commitment to quality of care. Simply put, DPL optimizes patient flow. On a grander scale, they provide solutions that enable hospitals and health care systems to improve clinical and financial outcomes, providing a disciplined approach to each customer’s specific needs. DPL facilitates approximately 6,000 patient transfers per week. 


FACT: A 22% Decrease in rural hospitals makes  emergency air medical services a necessity. 

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