We want to take a moment to celebrate Native Air, a subsidiary of Air Methods,  on their 20th Anniversary of its Native Air 7 air ambulance service. Since opening their doors in April 2002, the Native Air 7 crew has remained committed to providing lifesaving care to residents in the region.

Native Air 7 provides essential lifesaving air medical services in central Arizona. Rural communities often face disadvantages when it comes to higher level medical care. Limited services are provided at many small hospitals around the country, but access to more advanced care requires larger institutions. During missions the highly trained air medical teams care for patients with lifesaving interventions to significantly improve patient outcomes.

Importantly, Native Air 7 aircraft is the only helicopter in the area that is stocked with blood and plasma in flight to be administered during prehospital air medical transport for patients at risk for hemorrhagic shock. This combined with rapid air transport, can help critically ill or injured patients who otherwise might not survive. Patients suffering significant blood loss are at risk for hemorrhagic shock which causes the body’s organs to fail and can lead to death. According to a study in the New England Journal of Medicine, the administration of thawed plasma during prehospital air medical transport to patients at risk for hemorrhagic shock resulted in lower 30-day mortality and faster blood clotting than standard-care resuscitation.

We are tremendously proud of this anniversary for Native Air 7, as we continue to see this crew deliver safe, reliable and high-quality care and transport to the residents and visitors in central Arizona. Ensuring residents in the region have access to efficient transports to lifesaving care is our top priority. While we celebrate this momentous occasion all month long, we look forward to seeing Native Air 7 reach new heights delivering excellence in care and air medical services to this community for many years to come.

To learn more, read the full press release here.