Our CEO, JaeLynn Williams, opened up about her advocacy for saving lives and her ambitious goal for Air Methods to be 100% in-network with health insurance companies on this week’s episode of the HIT Like a Girl Podcast.

Williams spoke with hosts Joy Rios and Robin Roberts about the unconventional path that led her to where she is today, her belief that patients shouldn’t have to worry about the cost of an emergency airlift, and integrating patient data from emergency flights to allow for more connectivity across the care continuum.

The mission of the HIT Like a Girl podcast is to amplify women who are making major contributions to healthcare, technology, or the intersection of health IT.

Here are a few highlights from the interview:

“If I had a magic wand tomorrow and I could make people (insurance companies) come to the table and negotiate, that would be tremendous. I think the second thing would be automation. So, working on things like bringing NLP to coding and connectivity and really augmenting artificial intelligence and deep data analytics. The air medical industry could really benefit from that and I believe it is a critical component of healthcare.”

“In the EMS world we use a pretty standard EHR system, but I think a challenge that exists, or the opportunity that exists, is that they’re not really fully integrated or fully interface with the hospital system EHRs. Bringing those two universes together and having that be a seamless interface and potentially even a bi-directional interface as appropriate would help facilitate some of what I see as opportunity to measure outcomes better and leakage better.”

Additionally, Jaelynn offered advice to women in the industry: “Care about what you are doing professionally, look for areas to improve and don’t self-select away from opportunities because you don’t feel ‘fit’ for them.”

Check out the full episode here.