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Wildfires have engulfed California since late summer, with 8,500 wildfires burning over 4.2 million acres
to date. Air Methods’ crews in California have been called upon to help with many missions related to
this statewide disaster. The below is the story of one such rescue:

On Sept. 5, the Sierra National Forest in California’s Central Valley was subject to a creek fire that
blocked the only road out of the Mammoth Pool Reservoir campsite, leaving hundreds of people
stranded and in need of evacuation. Before Air Methods was called to the scene, there was an
evacuation with Black Hawk and Chinook helicopters from the California Air National Guard.

SkyLife, the Air Methods program in Central California, was promptly notified to assist with evacuation
procedures at the camp. The first evacuation included all three Fresno-based SkyLife crews and two
additional clinicians who were also called to the scene. These teams were instrumental in aiding local
EMS and National Guard with triaging patients and determining which patients were in critical condition
and needed to be evacuated immediately. The Air National Guard was successful in the evacuation and
transportation of 73 total patients. SkyLife crews assisted with the triage and monitoring of these
patients until the Red Cross was able to assemble and assist in providing shelter.

Along with the rescue mission at the Mammoth Pool Reservoir, many of the SkyLife teammates have
been active in volunteering at medical camps and serving food to those displaced by the monstrous fires
that have consumed so much of California. One key organizer from Air Methods is Shane Clark, the area
manager for the SkyLife program in Fresno, who has been with the program since 2011 and was key in
coordinating the assistance from SkyLife crews. He reported to the Command Post and contacted the
Disaster Control Facility for destinations and surge evacuations. Even though he was evacuated from his
own home and had to deal with the pressures of relocation for himself and his family, he remained
dedicated to assisting with the scene calls in the area. He, and the entire SkyLife team, have embodied
the mission of Air Methods during this unprecedented crisis.