We are pleased to announce that Spright has entered a strategic agreement with the leading provider of end-to-end drone inspection services for utility companies, KVS Technologies. Under the agreement, KVS Technologies will launch its services in North America with Spright, Air Methods’ drone division, exclusively operating all flights for linear infrastructure inspection. This partnership brings together two key players within drone technology and commercial flight operations, with a view to gaining a leading position in the US linear infrastructure inspection market.

The power grid is the one of the world’s most important infrastructure systems, but it is ageing and vulnerable with a large portion in use longer than anticipated.  At the same time, increasing electrification is placing enormous demands on these assets. Upgrading the U.S. electrical infrastructure would take decades, while the cost of replacing it is prohibitive. To meet demand with existing resources, utility companies must boost electrical output from their existing grid, while increasing uptime. Traditional methods for inspection, maintenance and repair include the use of low-flying helicopters or having linemen work manually on the ground, which are neither efficient nor ideal for health, safety and the environment.

KVS Technologies has developed and commercialized a one-stop-shop answer to help utility companies meet many of the demands of electrification, as well as increase their grid capacity. The solution is designed to help utility companies find faults and respond to them faster, while providing a smarter, greener, and safer way to monitor and maintain the conditions of the power infrastructure.

Spright was created to help solve many of the toughest challenges facing communities across North America, but current infrastructure challenges require innovation and technology to find more effective and efficient solutions. Our work with KVS Technologies will make a difference by leveraging their solutions that will allow us to rapidly solve many infrastructure challenges in a more responsible manner and with a clear focus on safety.

We look forward to partnering with KVS Technologies, who share our same drive to create a safer and better future for people everywhere and we are excited to be a play a role in their rapid growth across North America.

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