Continuing our quest to improve access to urgently needed medical supplies for healthcare providers, we are happy to announce that Spright, our new drone division, along with Wonder Robotics, a leading technology innovator supporting commercial drone operations, are partnering to implement market-leading safety enhancements through autonomous drone operational and vertical awareness technology.

Operating our drones beyond visual line of sight requires state-of-the-art technology to establish the safest flight and landing environment possible. This partnership will enable Spright drones to fly and land with optimal safety and security, reducing risk to people, structures and facilities.

Wonder Robotics’ unique “WonderLand” solution will be integrated on Spright’s drones and will guide highly precise autonomous landings on Spright’s remote delivery stations. This technology will allow the drones to autonomously secure a clear landing zone in real time, increasing the operation’s precision, reliability and safety. WonderLand will also provide increased operational safety by allowing completely independent contingency landings, in unprepared and unattended sites, without operator involvement or supervision.

Using technology to create a safe landing environment at a designated location is a key advancement for the unmanned aerial vehicle market and we are extremely excited to take that a step further to leverage WonderLand to provide safe and secure contingency or emergency landings. This differentiator will allow Spright’s drones to serve in many more scenarios and create even greater benefits as they work to deploy a drone network to serve the US healthcare industry.

With active proof-of-concept projects in multiple locations across the U.S., we are thrilled to work with the innovative team at Wonder Robotics to deploy solutions that will result in improved safety, security, efficacy and efficiency for our cutting-edge drone solutions.

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