As the most experienced air medical operator in the HEMS industry, Air Methods has built its reputation on a commitment to quality and safety. While most are familiar with us as an operator, most don’t realize we have an unmatched amount of value-added services.

AirCom, our national communications center, takes calls from communities as remote as Death Valley and as urban as Atlanta – and it’s all but invisible to the entities placing the call. 
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Patient Advocates
Complete Billing Solutions is a full service reimbursement and accounts receivable management service. 
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DirectCall is the solution to eliminating the frustrating maze of phone calls sometimes necessary to facilitate a patient transfer. 
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Air Methods Multi-Disciplinary Application (TAMMA)
The Air Methods Multi-Disciplinary Application (TAMMA) continues our heritage of quality and safety and is aimed to help improve the margin of safety as it relates to quality patient care. 
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United Rotorcraft
Our United Rotorcraft Division has built its reputation on a commitment to quality. Their ability to provide vertical integration of industry leading solutions for air operators is unmatched. 
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