We believe that everyone deserves access to our lifesaving care and that you shouldn’t have to pay for a membership to make sure that your out-of-pocket costs for this care are low. That is why we are phasing out our membership program and focusing on keeping out-of-pocket costs low for everyone in the communities we serve through our Patient Advocacy program and by working to increase insurance coverage for our services.

Memberships have created confusion in communities among patients, families,
caregivers and EMS. Here are some of the common misperceptions we hear:


There are other problems with memberships:

  • Memberships are sold to everyone, without regard to whether that individual actually needs a membership. For example, someone on Medicaid does not need a membership because Medicaid is going to cover them completely if they are flown. Most Medicare patients (anyone with more than just Part A) are the same. They don’t need a membership.
  • Memberships don’t consider the fact that you can’t choose your air medical provider. Patients and clinicians should never let a membership dictate emergency care.
  • Even with memberships, the patient still must go through entire insurance process (appeals/denials, etc.) to get the insurance company to pay their portion.

Bottom line there is a better way. It is by going in-network with insurance providers and working with patients through Patient Advocacy.

Patient Advocacy

Our dedicated Patient Advocacy team provides patients with support and resources during the post-flight billing process. Our goal is to relieve stress on patients and their families, and Patient Advocates have been very successful in helping patients navigate the claims and appeals process.

After the claims and appeals process the Patient Advocate then continues to work with them to ensure that their unique financial situation is considered when insurance leaves them with an unpaid claim. For two years, our Patient Advocacy program has shown an ability to do this successfully. Our average out-of-pocket costs across the country continue to go down and Patient Advocacy (as well as going in-network) will continue to push them lower. In fact, when patients work with our Patient Advocacy team, they rarely pay more than their co-pay and deductible.

When we are not part of your insurance network, we work with you to get the insurance company to pay our charges and not leave you with a balance bill.

Agreements with Insurance Companies

Today, we have agreements with some of the largest health insurance companies in more than 20 states. Our strategy is to continue to increase our partnerships, and we are in active negotiations with large insurers to go in-network in areas we serve throughout the country. Ultimately, the key to getting patients truly “out of the middle” is to be in-network with as many insurance providers as possible. Once we are in-network, the patient only pays any applicable copays or deductibles. We negotiate with the insurance company and the patient is covered. We will continue to aggressively work with insurance companies to go in-network for our life-saving services.

Our goal is to work with all health insurance carriers who will partner with us – but even if you have a provider that is not in-network, we have you covered with our Patient Advocacy program.

Community Partnership Programs

We actively partner with local government entities to ensure that residents have access to life-saving air medical services without the worry of out-of-pocket expenses. Through community partnerships, we work to establish a charitable fund for patients to assist with out-of-pocket medical expenses. We encourage local governments to contact us to discuss the details of such arrangements.

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