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Ronnie Underwood: A Defenders of Tomorrow story

Nov 7, 2017, 18:33 PM by Kate Krumm

Air Methods is always ready to answer the call 24/7/365, and here’s just one reason why: Ronnie Underwood.

Ronnie is an Air Methods patient who lives in Agricola, Mississippi, near our Semmes, Alabama, base. Ronnie’s rural community depends on air medical to get them to a higher level of care because they simply don’t have access without it.

When Ronnie, a nurse, realized he was having a heart attack, he called 911 and had his wife drive him toward a nearby hospital, where he was intercepted by an ambulance. Once the paramedic saw Ronnie’s condition, he called LifeFlight to meet them at the hospital so our air medical crew could then transport Ronnie to a higher level of care.

Had it not been for that first responder’s decision and the dedicated work of our crew, Ronnie would not have survived the “widow-maker.”

“I hope that just stopping by every once in a while and saying ‘hi’ will let them know how much I really do appreciate what they did for me,” Ronnie said.

We are proud that Air Methods employs more than 5,000 clinicians, pilots, mechanics and support staff, all of who are committed to saving lives 24/7/365. We transport tens of thousands of patients like Ronnie every year, and we appreciate all that our teammates do to be patient advocates.

With the continued consolidation and closure of rural hospitals, emergency air medical transport and treatment is often the only access to lifesaving emergency care people like Ronnie have, providing access to millions of people who otherwise would not have been able to make it to a trauma center. And skilled volunteer EMS programs serve as an important partner in the process, enabling the patient to survive until the air medical team can arrive and help.

Air Methods, the parent company of LifeFlight, delivers lifesaving care to more than 100,000 patients every year, with over 300 bases of operations serving more than 48 states. In rural communities like Ronnie’s, that kind of reach of care is critical. 

Watch Ronnie’s Defenders of Tomorrow story on YouTube.

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