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Summer is Trauma Season

Jul 11, 2017, 12:38 PM by Kate Krumm

You may know it as summer, but in emergency rooms across the country, the three-month period that follows spring is known as “trauma season.” That’s partially true because that's the time when children -- and adults -- who have been cooped up for months, emerge from hibernation and school classrooms.

Among children, traumatic injuries can double during summer months. Inwinter months, a typical pediatric hospital might see 100 kids a month for traumatic injuries; then, from May to September, that number is usually between 170 and 200 a month. Adult trauma cases also jump 25 to 30 percent in the summer months.

Adults, naturally, tend to have more grown-up injuries -- bad sunburns, burns from gas grills and joint injuries among weekend warriors who aren’t in top physical form (golfer’s elbow is one of the most-reported summer issues for men). 

Falls are more common, too, as people who are painting houses and cleaning gutters tumble from ladders. Still, more time outside -- particularly for children, and especially when they are unsupervised -- means more injuries.

Here are a dozen injuries that physicians and hospital ERs will be dealing with over the next few months:

  1. Bicycling-related injuries
  2. Lawn mower accidents
  3. Swimming injuries
  4. ATV, dirt bike and motorcycle injuries
  5. Trampoline trauma
  6. Burns
  7. Joint injuries
  8. Bites
  9. Amusement rides
  10. Gunshot wounds
  11. Foot injuries
  12. Falls

Bicycle Injuries
Did you know in 2015, bicycles were associated with more injuries over all age group than skateboards, trampolines, swimming pools and playground equipment combined? That year, 488,123 people were treated in emergency rooms for bicycle-related injuries and about 1,100 deaths resulted from cyclists colliding with motor vehicles.

Backyard Injuries
Depending on your location, you may mow your lawn 30 times or more this year, and each time you’re operating a potentially dangerous piece of equipment. In 2011, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, more than 83,000 people were treated in U.S. ERs for lawn mower injuries.

More recreational sports mean more joint pains and knee injuries. What’s the most “dangerous” summer sport? It’s basketball, which results in one million youth injuries a year.

Dog bites
A recent study found young children are at the greatest risk for dog bites in the summer and are especially vulnerable to severe bites in the head and neck areas. Family pets were responsible for 27 percent of dog bite injuries.