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LifeSave KuPono is always here to answer your call. For transport, please call our dispatch number above. Fill out the form to contact our experts for additional information.

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    LifeSave Transport’s mission is to safely provide quality, compassionate air and ground transport for critically ill or injured patients to advanced care. Since 2001, LifeSave has provided compassionate care to more than 35,000 patients and their families. In operation for over 18 years, LifeSave’s patient transports have been 100% accident free. LifeSave has base locations in Kansas, Nebraska, Texas, and Hawaii, serving surrounding areas. Helicopter and fixed wing aircraft serving Kansas are located in Colby, Dodge City, Emporia, Garden City, Liberal, McCook (NE), and Salina. At LifeSave, our values and commitment are the focus of every contact with patients, hospitals, the community, and employees.

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    At Air Methods, we’re ready to save lives at every moment of every day, with over 300 bases of operations, serving 49 states.