Today, hundreds of thousands of people are leading healthy and active lives thanks to Air Methods crewmembers. As a clinician you will be part of a highly trained team that includes some of the best professionals in the air medical industry today. Your knowledge, expertise, and kindness will provide care and compassion when people need it most.

We value perfecting the basics of critical care: Air Methods is one of the only transporters who regularly carry blood on board.


    About Air Methids

    Air Methods the leading provider of critical emergency air transport services in the United States is headquartered in Greenwood Village, Colorado. We have operations in over 300 bases and serve 48 states. From our 300 bases, Air Methods teams fly more than 130,000 miles and are on track to reach over 111,000 transports this year.

    Daily Life

    The standard medical crew configuration for Air Methods consists of a flight nurse and a flight paramedic, operating under the direction of a local medical director. As part of our commitment to provide air medical transport resources to our communities 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, most Air Methods flight teams work 24-hour shifts.


    We genuinely appreciate the extraordinary knowledge, dedication, and professionalism required under stress from our clinicians. Air Methods supports them several ways; we provide state-of-the-art medical equipment, comprehensive training programs (including annual attendance at cadaver labs), and encourage training for professional growth and development.

    Relationship Building

    Another key component of working for Air Methods is the development of positive interpersonal relationships with your colleagues, EMS representatives, hospitals, and the community. Clinical teams can participate in non-transport activities to build relationships, including patient follow up, educational activities, and various public relations events.


    In order to be considered as an official Air Methods candidate you must apply online through our website (emailed and paper resumes will not be accepted). A recruiter and the hiring manager will review your resume, and qualified candidates will be invited to take our online clinical exam. Successful candidates will then interview with Air Methods leadership to determine your knowledge, skills, and abilities. During the process we’ll share more about our mission, vision, and culture to allow you to explore if Air Methods is right for you.

    1. Find A Position

    Visit our careers page and apply to a specific position at

    2. Initial Phone Screen

    Top qualified candidates will receive an in-depth phone interview.

    3. Interview

    If chosen to move on, interviews will be scheduled based on the availability of the candidate and the hiring manager

    4. Final Candidate

    Final candidates may be brought back for a final interview, if applicable.

    5. Contingent Offer

    Air Methods will extend a verbal contingent offer based on successful completion of the pre-employment process.

    6. Offer Letter

    A formal offer letter will follow the verbal contingent offer via email.

    7. Pre-Employment

    Pre-employment and occupational health as applicable. Clinical background checks may take up to 30 days.

    8. Congratulations!

    Following the successful completion of the pre-employment screening process you are ready to start your career with us. Welcome to the Air Methods Team!

    Benefits Include

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      * Generally, an additional shift during a pay period will be considered at 10 hours of straight time, 9 hours of time-and-a-half time, and 5 hours of double time.
      0.5 = Once every two pay periods (Monthly)
      0.25 = Once every four pay periods (Bi-Monthly)

      ** 401k match does not account for any IRS catch-up contributions

      *** This calculator should not be used for a Travel Clinician role. Please connect with an Air Methods recruiter for more information at [email protected]

      **** Bi-weekly hours are based on an average hourly payment based on schedule variation. Your pay could vary depending on your work schedule. Please note a Payroll cycle runs from 12:01am on Sunday through Midnight on Saturday.

      Effective Hourly Pay Rate

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