How does the Air Methods Advantage membership program work?

What are the benefits to becoming a member of the Air Methods membership program?

I've completed my application and payment has cleared. When can I expect my membership card?

If there is an instance where it would be necessary for me or my family member to be flown by another air ambulance provider, will my membership cover that invoice?

Does the Air Methods Advantage program cover Air Methods transport even if I am traveling?

When does my membership become active, and when does it expire?

When a member renews, is it necessary to complete the application again?

Is there a limit to the number of flights a members can utilize per year?

I am on a fixed income. Is Air Methods Advantage a good option for my lifestyle?

Why don’t you offer the membership in all the states you serve?

If I am in a hospital or have been involved in an accident and know I’m going to be flown, can I ask for Air Methods to transport me?

What happens if I, or one of the people listed on my application is transported? What do we need to do?

Are multi-year plans available?

I don’t have health insurance. Will I still be able to purchase a membership?

I have air ambulance coverage through my own private insurance. Why do I need a membership?

After my payment and application are received, how long will it take to receive my membership card?

Is it necessary to submit copies of insurance card(s) with my renewal application?

May I obtain additional membership cards for a covered family member?

May I elect to be transported to my preferred hospital?

I forgot to sign my application after having already mailed it to Air Methods. What should I do?

I don’t have access to the internet but I’m interested in becoming a member to Air Methods Advantage. What can I do?

I have an adult family member who is my dependent. Can he/she be on my family membership plan?

If ground transport is required to take me or a family member to the Air Methods aircraft, does my Air Methods Advantage membership cover the cost of the ground transportation?

Do people with Medicare qualify for Air Methods Advantage?

If I’m not a member and/or I don’t have insurance, will Air Methods still transport me?

Under my membership plan, is there a guarantee that Air Methods is available for transport when requested?

If someone is covered under Medicaid, is a membership advisable or necessary?

Is the membership advisable or necessary for active or retired military personnel?

Do I need health insurance to be eligible for Air Methods Advantage?

What is included in my membership?

How much does Air Methods Advantage cost per year?