Air Methods is a promise


To give more tomorrows by extending the reach of critical care access to anyone, anywhere, across the nation. We accomplish this through the vast experience and ingenuity of our people to create comprehensive solutions supported by our innovation, adaptability and financial stability.

To be the dominant global expert of comprehensive, vertically-integrated, critical-care-access solutions supporting patient logistics—the movement of patients and their medical analytics.


Safe Return 
Though we celebrate each opportunity to extend and enhance a patient’s life, our greatest celebration is the daily, safe return of each member of our team to their loved ones—this is our highest priority. At times, this may require the courage to stop or not accept a mission due to factors in the moment that exceed what we believe, and have been taught, are unacceptable risks for our team.

Patient Champion  
We skillfully and passionately serve those who have unexpectedly found themselves threatened by life’s unforeseen situations. We devote ourselves—safely and prudently—to ensuring patients get our full expertise, resources and focus to preserve and enhance their lives until they are delivered to definitive care. This is at the heart of what we do.

Fiscal Balance
With our passion and commitment to "giving more tomorrows,” comes a balance of ensuring we have the financial wherewithal to do it. Platitudes of greatness and aspiration are empty without the stable, unrelenting focus of the financial integrity of our efforts. This balance is evident of our current success and essential for our future growth.

Accountable To Each Other
We believe our greatest accomplishments are not only in the things we do as a company, in general, but more importantly in the day-to-day decisions we make, individually, to do the right thing, to make a difference, to be the strongest link in the performance of our individual duties. We depend on each other to do our best—to have each other’s back—to ensure we are safe, impactful and successful. This is more important than hierarchy, status or personal agenda.

One Mission, One Team 
As team members, we celebrate each other’s strengths, abilities and contributions because in total, united, we are better together. We have chosen each other because of our mutual skills of leadership, ingenuity, experience and extraordinary performance: all of which help us be the world’s experts in patient critical care logistics.

Customer Advocates
We see ourselves as partners, in the highest order, with our customers, sharing in their success and struggles, finding ways to effectively solve their challenges regardless of who owns the program, regardless of what business model they choose. We are their champions, solution collaborators and biggest fans. It is our goal to bring measurable value to every relationship.